Viet Logistics Solutions Company (VLS Corp JSC.,), was established on July 8, 2016, International Business name - VLS Corp JSC., is a professional provider of logistics services, as domestic and international transportation, customs declaration for import-export businesses ...

With the agent system spread all over the world, and offices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Binh Duong, Viet Logistics Solutions Company has affirmed its position in the market as a shipping service provider and top professional forwarders, has been trusted by customers approximately service quality and competitive price

Viet Logistics Solutions Company Provide all forwarding services as domestic and abroad with a variety of services and closely linked :

♦ International and domestic multimodal transport

♦ Customs declaration service

♦  Import and export merchandise delivery service

♦  Domestic freight service by truck, container truck, transport and combined with train

♦  Service of sending and receiving retail merchandise, personal merchandise from Vietnam to other countries and  contrary

♦  International and domestic courier service

♦  Consulting import and export authorized

In the past years, Vietnam Logistics Solution Joint Stock Company has always improved and raised the service quality and set a goal of striving to become a leading quality transport service provider.

Our Valuable


To facilitate the connection of domestic and foreign businesses, we settle the export activities for a domestic company want to sell their products abroad but do not know how to do it. Or an abroad company wants to bring  their products, services into VietNam but has problems with legal procedures or lack of thorough research on the domestic market.



Become a selected partner and the most reliable of customers by the ability to search, provide and connect diverse merchandise based on  the foundation of considering customers as the focus.


Core values

Understanding customers' real needs Viet Logistics Solutions Company is willing to provide the customers the benefit more than any competitor in the same field.


What we do for you

We handle all procedures for all types of merchandise in all sizes by all means of transportation whether it’s shipping by air or sea freight.

VLA CORP also provides services to transit merchandise. Our staff will contact you to analyze your logistics needs and provide you the best solutions.

VLA CORP provides a completed service for your shipments including shipping, customs clearance and inland transporting.









Popular  routes: South Korea, Hongkong, China

- Transporting dangerous merchandises
- Transporting pets
- transporting common merchandises



Popular routes: Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, South America, Red Sea, Africa, the United Arab Emirates

- Shipping retail,Full container merchandises.
- Transporting dangerous merchandises
- Transporting common merchandises
- Insurance for merchandises



1.      Clearance of package goods
2.      Import and export license
3.      Certificate of origin
4.      Product standard announcement
5.      Food safety and hygiene license
6.      Synchronous goods inspection

đường biển

đường biển

- Shipment of harbor (main harbor from Ho Chi Minh City to HaiPhong - DaNang ) to the provinces
- Multi-modal transporting service
- We transport retail, containerized goods across borders and transhipment services from China, Cambodia and Laos, through barriers of Vietnam airport gate
- Rating and ordering
- Package freight delivery package
- Transport super-length, super-weight, bulk and special goods
- Transport goods in transit
- Shipping temporary import and re-import goods
- Storaging and distributing merchandise

Member Of Của WCA & IATA



Meet your fellow freight forwarders at the industry’s largest and most impactful industry networking event of the year. WCA’s Worldwide Conference will be meeting in Singapore for its third year in a row, where industry professionals will gather for a week of accelerated face-to-face meetings with more than 2,000 freight forwarding professionals.